Beema Kuwait – Easy Login Via Mobile ID

Beema Kuwait - Easy Login Via Mobile ID

Beema Kuwait is a service provided by the Kuwait Insurance Regulatory Unit, aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining or renewing insurance certificates for vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. In this piece, we’ll explore the steps involved in accessing the Beema website and its practical applications.

To utilize the services provided on Beema Kuwait, users must first sign in to their accounts using their civil ID and then authenticate their requests using the PACI Mobile ID app. Below is a simplified guide on completing this procedure:

  • Visit the Beema website.
  • Enter your “Civil ID” number and click “Send Authentication Request.”
  • Open the PACI Mobile ID app and select “Authentication and Sign.”
  • Locate and choose “Insurance Regulatory Unit.”
  • Agree to the terms and tap “Authenticate.”
  • Upon successful authentication, click “OK.”
  • Return to the Beema website and select “Authenticate through mobile ID.”
  • Sign in to your Beema account.

Acquiring vital documentation via the Beema website in Kuwait has been streamlined, enabling users to easily access insurance certificates online. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it functions:

  • Visit the Beema website
  • Log in to access the PACI Mobile ID.
  • Access to the option for “Insurance certificate renewal” on the Beema website.
  • Choose the type of vehicle you own and proceed to “Renew insurance certificate“.
  • Select your insurance company and access your policy details.
  • Review the provided information, agree to the terms, and click “Pay“.
  • Enter your bank credentials and click “Submit“.
  • Once the payment is successfully processed, retrieve your statement.
  • Click on “Install your insurance certificate PDF“.
  • Finally, open the PDF file containing your insurance certificate.
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If you need help or have questions about insurance, feel free to contact the Kuwait Insurance Regulatory Unit using the contact information provided below:

Steps to Download Your Car Insurance Policy Online:

  • Visit the insurer’s website: Head to the official website of your insurer and locate the car insurance section.
  • Log in: Provide your name, policy number, and contact information to log in to your account.
  • Download: Once logged in, navigate to the section for policy downloads and proceed to download your car insurance policy.
  • Notify your insurer: After downloading, it’s essential to inform your insurer about the successful download of your policy.
  • Prepare an FIR: In case of any incidents or claims, ensure to prepare a First Information Report (FIR) as required.

To access the Beema Kuwait website, simply visit This platform offers a seamless and efficient experience for users to manage their insurance needs. It ensures easy access to essential services and documents for vehicle owners in Kuwait, available in both Arabic and English languages.

Introduction. GIG Gulf, formerly known as AXA Gulf, will take over Beema Insurance’s operations in a significant move in the insurance sector. As of 27th June 2023, this transition does not just mean a change in name, but also a promise of continued excellence and dedication to our customers.

Beema is a simple yet unique life insurance policy designed for the protection of the family and dependents of a Beema policyholder in the event of his/her unfortunate passing. Beema subscribers can ensure the financial security of their families and dependents in the future.

For car and motorcycle owners in Kuwait, Beema Kuwait offers an efficient online platform to manage their insurance requirements. It has never been easier to obtain or renew insurance certificates with its English accessibility and streamlined services.

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