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Cut Out Pro Passport Picture

Cut Out Pro Passport Picture. Passport Picture Cut Out is an online service offered by various applications, dedicated to achieving accuracy and adherence to official standards for passport photographs. This article will delve into the functionality of these applications, the documentation needed, and the prerequisites for acquiring a Kuwait passport. offers efficient and seamless editing for passport photos. Simply take or choose your photo, upload it to with a Single-Click, and it’s instantly processed within One Second—eliminating the need for downloads or manual adjustments. Here are some key features of this service:

  • Backgrounds are automatically removed and replaced with white backgrounds.     
  • Take passport, ID, or VISA photos on standard print paper sizes such as 3”x4”, 4”x4”, 4”x6”, 5”x6”, or A4.
  • Perfectly resize, crop, and center portraits.   
  • Save as an electronic image file: a PNG with a high resolution or a JPG with a small file size.
  • Passport suit changers offer a variety of styles and templates for men and women to experiment with.
  • Get a free preview and unbeatable purchase prices. You can save time and money by printing your own e-passport photo at home or near you.

To successfully complete your Kuwait passport application, it’s crucial to adhere to the specified dimensions and criteria for your passport-size photo. Below, you’ll find essential requirements for Kuwait passport photos:

  • The picture should be 4×5 cm in size.
  • Please select a blue background to contrast with your face.
  • Maintain high quality by ensuring bright, vivid colors, and the photo should not be older than 6 months.
  • Face the camera directly, maintaining a neutral expression.
  • Keep your hair away from your face to clearly outline your facial features.
  • Hijab and jewelry are allowed.
  • if wearing a hijab, ensure it is a single color and allows your entire face to be visible.
  • Jewelry and eyeglasses should not obscure facial features.
  • The mouths of children under three should be open in the photo.
  • Make sure there is no blur or red-eye effect.
  • A single clear light source provides enough brightness and contrast.
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To successfully apply for a Kuwait passport, it is essential to fulfill the stipulated criteria, which encompass the following:

  • Make sure the legal representative is present.
  • Please bring a copy of your civil card.
  • Please submit one new photo, 4×5 cm (please verify requirements).
  • A copy of the child’s original Civil ID should be brought.
  • Make sure the birth certificate of the child is included.
  • For children aged seven and older, make sure you have their last educational certificate.
  • Copy of the legal representative’s civil ID card is required.

To obtain a Kuwait passport is a relatively simple process, allowing Kuwaiti citizens to obtain their passports for the first time. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to obtain your Kuwait passport:

  • Your Civil ID card will provide you with information on which service center is closest to your address.
  • Please request the passport application form.
  • Verify your identity by signing and fingerprinting. If you are under 10 years old, you do not need to sign, and if you are under 12, you do not need to leave fingerprints.
  • Passport application form received, passport issuance procedures followed.

The Kuwait passport verification service is crafted to assist individuals in confirming the status of their passport particulars or any updates, including alterations to their Latin name. Below is an outline of the service’s functioning:

Renewing a Kuwaiti passport offers Kuwaiti citizens the opportunity to update their travel documents. It’s important to understand the process and requirements for Kuwait passport renewal. Here’s what you need to know:

Eligibility Or Criteria

  • If an individual is deemed incompetent or a minor, either their father or a legal representative must be present during the proceedings.

Required Documents

  • Passport Requirements
  • Four (4) photos sized 4×6 with a blue background.


  • Kuwaiti citizens should visit the General Department of Citizenship and Travel Documents in their governorate.
  • Please submit the required documents.
  • Please fill out the service application form.
  • Payments must be made.


For 5-year passport3 KD
For10-year passport (applicants over 30 years old)6 KD

When preparing your passport photo, ensure that the background is a solid shade of blue. Avoid incorporating patterns, shadows, or any elements that could cause distractions. The background should maintain a consistent blue color throughout, providing a clean and professional backdrop for your photo.

Before submitting their applications at the General Department of Citizenship and Travel Documents center, applicants are required to verify their identity through signature verification and biometrics. It’s crucial to note the following important details regarding the biometrics procedure:

Passport office services in Kuwait are readily available, with multiple locations conveniently spread across the country. It’s advisable for all applicants to visit the designated service centers in the morning.

Priority access will be given to senior citizens and individuals with disabilities from 8 am to 10 am. Please refer to the directions provided below:

  • Capital Governorate: Service Center in Shamiya
  • Hawalli Governorate: Service Center in Mishref West
  • Al-Farwaniya Governorate: Service Center in Ishbiliya  
  • Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate: Service Center Al Adan Block 7
  • Jahra Governorate: Service Center Saad Al-Abdullah  
  • Al-Ahmadi Governorate: Service Center Fahd Al-Ahmed  

Produce a Kuwait passport photo measuring 4×6 cm (40×60 mm) in just 2 seconds.

The information page of a Kuwaiti passport contains the following details: a 4×5 cm photograph of the passport holder against a blue background, the passport type indicated by the letter “P,” and the country code.

The image should measure 2 inches by 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm) and be in color. Print the photo on thin photo paper or cardstock.

The cut out pro passport photos allows you to edit your passport photos easily and accurately with the help of cut out pro passport photos.

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