How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID

How To Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID

Find Reference Number In Kuwait Civil ID. A civil identification card for Civil Informatics (PACI) is issued by the Department of Public. Civil identification cards contain the number of the civil ID, the name of the sponsor, the type of visa, and the expiration date. After receiving a residence permit, residents have thirty days to apply for a civil identity card. A civil identity number is assigned to every resident.

Kuwait Civil ID are required following an extended absence, regardless of whether the owner changes sponsors or returns to Kuwait. Civil identification numbers include the birthdate of the owner. Reference numbers apply equally to serial numbers and civil card numbers on civil cards.

This article will explain where the civil ID reference number is located because many transactions and services require it.

The following guide will help you find the Kuwait Reference Number. Follow these steps to find a Kuwaiti reference number:

  • Click here to find the Civil Id Reference Number
  • Change your language to English, and use this image.

A new box will appear, and you’ll have to enter your information there.

  • 1st Civil ID Number 
  • 2nd click on Other Nationality

You’ll need to enter your information on a new page.

  • Civil Id Number
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiry Date

For more information, see the image below

Please click Get once you have entered all this information.

  • The civil id reference number appears after clicking the get option.

The reference number consists of nine numbers and is located between the serial number and address on the back of the civil card. A reference number can also be seen on the entry visa and a unified number on the passport name.

Kuwait is one of the United Arab Emirates states that issues Civil IDs as identity documents. The General Department of Traffic and the General Department of Residency Affairs offer e-government electronic services on the portal of the Ministry of Interior with your residency number.

  • A civil identification number.
  • Several passports.
  • Date of expiration of the passport.

Here are three steps you can follow to find the reference number you need. Make sure you know what they are.

This section explains how to locate a Kuwaiti Reference Number. Kuwaiti Reference Numbers are quite easy to find. You will be guided through the steps and procedures you need to follow to find your Reference Number.

Three things are necessary to find the Reference number:

The following three steps will help you locate a reference number. Make sure you have knowledge of these topics.

To find a Kuwait Reference Number, follow this simple guide. Here are the 4 steps to finding a Kuwaiti reference number:

  • Start by visiting the official site.
  • If you click here, a new window will open with the option to click here.
  • Click on the arrow option. The form will open.

A new form will appear, as shown in the below image, where you must fill out all the fields carefully. Click here to view it.

  • Under Civil ID, type the civil ID number.
  • Fill out the passport number box with your passport number.
  • Your passport expiration date – Enter your passport expiration date
  • Finally, click on Inquire
  • When you are ready, click Inquire. Here you will find your reference number.

The reference number can therefore be easily checked by anyone using this method. By following these simple steps, you can also check your Kuwaiti reference number after reading this article.

The Kuwaiti civil identification number must be renewed at the following intervals:

  • Identification cards have limited validity.
  • Change in sponsors
  • Changing residence

Documents For First-time Civil ID Applicants

  • Passport
  • Passport page photocopies with personal information and residency stamp
  • A security clearance or fingerprinting is required for anyone over sixteen (16).
  • For persons born in Kuwait, an authentic birth certificate.
  • Certificate of blood group.
  • Address verification
  • Sponsors’ joint declaration

Kuwait Civil Identification Documentation For Infants Born

To find the reference number, you need the Civil Identification Number (CIN), passport number, and expiration date on the passport.

The civil card’s reference number has nine numbers, which are located between the serial number and address.

Do you know what a Kuwait residency card is? The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor provides you with an 8-10 digit long code number when you receive your Residency Permit.

This article highlights the importance of Kuwait Civil ID, detailing the renewal process and guiding residents on locating the crucial reference number necessary for transactions and services.

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