kuwait civil id address change Process Online For 2024

Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Process Complete Guide

If you have shifted from one place to another within Kuwait and have moved from one city or town to another, it is necessary for you to update your address on your civil ID.

Kuwaiti expats must update their address in the government’s civil registry whenever they move. The process is similar to requesting a change of sponsor, and it is essential for those who are relocating within the country for career advancement or other reasons.

Here’s how to apply for a change of address if you find yourself in this situation:

Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Process Online

The Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Process is very simple. You just need to carefully read and follow the steps provided below:

  • PACI south surra sells brown envelopes as well as jamiyas and bookstores.In this envelope, you will find a form you will need to complete. The PACI number can be found just in front of your main door.  The PACI number of the flat should be taken note of, not the PACI number of the building.
  • Get your blood group checked at any government clinic.
  • Visit to the PACI head office in South Surra,

You should carry  the following documents:

  • Envelope with the form already filled out, with a government clinic stamp and your blood type.
  • A copy of the house contract.
  • Copy of the flat owner’s civil ID.
  • Copy of applicant civil identification.
  • Copy of passport and residence permit.
  • Backgrounds with blue images

Your documents will be examined, and another form containing your flat holder’s details will be filled out. This will be given to you and your flat holder will sign it.

Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Video Guide

Kuwait Civil Address change Through Sahel App

Here are the steps to change the address on the Civil ID using the Sahel app:

  • Download Sahel App: First, you need to download the Sahel app from the respective app store on your mobile device.
  • Create an Account: If you haven’t created an account on the Sahel app yet, you’ll need to do so. Follow the instructions provided in the app to create your account.
  • Log In: After creating your account, log in to the Sahel app using your credentials.
  • Find the Address Change Option: Look for the option to change the Civil ID address within the app. This option is typically found in sections like “My Services” or a similar category.
  • Provide Required Information: Follow the given instructions to enter the details of your current and new addresses. If you’re a property owner, you may need to submit proof of ownership.
  • For Renters: If you are a renter, ensure that you provide valid proof for the change of address, such as in cases of demolition or construction affecting your current residence.
  • Landlord Confirmation: If you are a renter, a notification will be sent to your landlord for confirmation. Make sure that your landlord is subscribed to the Sahel app.
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Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Requirements

The following documents are required to complete your application:

Recent Photographs

  • A recent color photograph of the applicant with a clear background is required. There should be no eyeglasses or military uniforms in these photos.

Passport Copies

  • Each family member should have a copy of their passport. Passport copies should include basic information and residency information.

Lease Contract

  • The original and a copy of the lease contract verifying the applicant’s residence are required. Kuwaiti families or traditional houses fall under this category.

Civil ID Copies

  • The civil ID of any family member who resides in the same traditional household or the civil ID of the house owner, if you are staying with a Kuwaiti family, will be required.

Employer Support (if applicable)

  • Change of address requests from employees who live in government-sponsored housing require a letter from their employers.

Power of Attorney

  • In the event that you cannot attend the application in person, you must obtain a power of attorney from the Ministry of Justice.

Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Fees

Pay the Service Fees. The service has a fee associated with it. There is a fee of KD 5.250, which covers the Smart Card acquisition (KD 5.00) and the envelope fee (KD 0.250). 

FAQs About Kuwait Civil ID Address Change

The proof of registration with your municipality can be a bank statement, utility bill, or rental contract that bears your name and address, if this is not available in your country.


Kuwait Civil ID Address Change Process is crucial for expats relocating within the country. The process involves gathering necessary documents, completing forms, and paying a service fee. Adhering to these steps ensures a smooth transition and compliance with the government’s requirements. Remember, staying current with your civil registry information is vital for various administrative purposes.

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