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Kuwait Civil ID Validity Check Online Complete Process

Kuwait Civil ID Validity is an electronic service offered by the Public Authority for Civil Information. Kuwaiti citizens and residents can check the validity of their civil ID online without having to visit a Public Authority for Civil Information headquarters, and we’ll explore the most important steps here.

Kuwait Civil ID Validity Check

  • Step 1: Enter “Your Civil ID Number” in the “Provided Box“.
  • Step 2: Click on “Submit” Button.
  • Step 3: Then, Move to official website of “PACI webpage
  • Step 4: Again enter your “Civil ID Number“.
  • Step 5: Click on “Submit” button.
  • Step 6: Finally you will see “Your Current Validity Status.


This tool is created for user help only and this is connected to Kuwait official website, so, your information will be save and secure.

The Kuwait Civil ID validity service is one of the digital services provided by Dubai’s Public Authority for Civil Information. We will discuss the following methods in detail:

To inquire about the validity of Kuwaiti civil ID, you can use the following methods:

  • Step 3: Choose Card Validity from the available services.
  • Step 4: Please enter the civil ID “Serial number“.
  • Step 5: Click on the “Query” icon.
  • Step 6: The validity details of your civil ID will be displayed.

If you want to check the validity of your civil ID in Kuwait, you can do so through the electronic system “LINK“. A service that allows you to check the civil ID’s expiry date directly.

Kuwaiti Civil ID Cards that have expired cannot be used as official Kuwaiti ID cards. If you don’t have a Civil ID, you will have difficulty opening a business in Kuwait. The purpose of which requires your identity. Your Kuwait Civil ID must be renewed before it expires to avoid inconveniences.

Kuwaiti civil ID validity can be inquired about in several ways, including:

  • Visit the website of the Civil Information Authority
  • Select Card Services from the top menu.
  • Select Card Validity from the list of services.
  • Enter the “serial number” of the civil ID.
  • Click on the “Query” icon.
  • The validity details of your civil ID will be displayed.

Kuwait Civil ID renewal usually takes 2 weeks. The processing time may vary, however, according to the volume of applications. It is important to renew your Citizen ID card well in advance of its expiration date to avoid delays in the renewal process.

The Kuwait Civil ID renewal fee of KD 5 is charged for Kuwaitis and KD 10 is charged for expatriates.

You can check your Civil ID number on the PACI website by entering your Civil ID number. Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates can access your services for all their needs.

Kuwait Civil ID validity can be conveniently checked through the online services provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information. Renewal is essential every five years, and failure to do so may result in inconvenience and restrictions.

Timely renewal is crucial, and the process involves visiting a PACI branch with required documents. Frequently asked questions provide a comprehensive guide for users. Remember, staying informed ensures a hassle-free experience with Kuwait Civil ID system.

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