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Kuwait Family Visa Today News

Kuwait family visa today news highlights recent advancements in Kuwait family visa policies for expatriates. After nearly two years of suspension, the Ministry of Interior and Residency Affairs Sector has announced plans to resume family visa issuance. Kuwait family visa are the subject of this article, which discusses the latest developments.

Kuwait family visa news today the Ministry of Interior has announced the resumption of family visa issuance after a two-year suspension. Kuwait now allows expatriates to bring their families regardless of their residency status. Kuwait family visa today news.

  • Kuwait will extend eligibility for family visas to spouses and children of skilled foreign nationals on January 28, 2024.
  • Visa conditions for family, commercial, and tourist visits have been changed in an effort to stimulate the commercial, economic, and tourism sectors.
  • All six governorates are required to adhere to revised guidelines following directives from Sheikh Fahad Al Yousef.
  • Sponsors of first-degree relatives must earn KD400 and sponsors of other relatives must earn KD800.
  • Visas for family visits are valid for one month, and visas for tourist visits are valid for three months.
  • Round-trip tickets on national airlines are required, along with a commitment not to convert visit visas into residence permits.
  • Visitors can seek medical treatment at private health centers; government hospitals are reserved for visa holders.
  • Legal consequences may result from violations of stay periods.
  • Kuwait regulatory changes align with its strategy to encourage economic growth and attract tourists from 53 countries.
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The following documents are required when applying for a Kuwait family visa:

  • Passport Copy: Provide a copy of the dependent’s passport.
  • Salary Certificate: Provide the sponsor’s salary certificate.
  • Civil ID Copy: Make a copy of the dependent’s civil ID.
  • Authenticated Certificates: Ensure proper authentication of the required certificates.

Expatriates earning 800 Kuwaiti Dinars or more must present an original work permit or relevant documentation when applying for a dependent or family visa. During the application process, additional income documentation will not be accepted. Validating the work permit or equivalent documentation remains the primary focus.

Keeping Kuwait family visa regulations up-to-date ensures a seamless application process. The following guidelines apply to Kuwaiti dependent visas:

  • Eligibility: Dependents must have a verifiable relationship with the principal applicant and either be Kuwaiti citizens or lawful residents.
  • Age Limit: Ages 21 and older are not eligible for dependent visas.
  • Financial Stability: Applicants must meet certain income requirements to support their dependents.
  • Medical Examination: All applicants, including dependents, must undergo a medical examination.
  • Insurance: Health insurance must be provided to all dependents.
  • Sponsorship Transfer: The current and prospective sponsors must both consent to the transfer of dependent visa sponsorship.
  • Renewal: Dependent visas must be renewed regularly, along with updated documentation.

The following considerations must be taken into account when attending your Kuwait family visa appointment:

  • We will capture your fingerprints and facial scans.
  • An electronic fingerprint scanner will capture images of all 10 fingers simultaneously, along with a digital photo. The process is quick, discrete, and non-intrusive.
  • You must be able to see your entire face in your digital photograph. Sunglasses should be avoided,
  • You should not wear tinted spectacles, or head coverings, unless you have a religious or ethical reason to do so.
  • It is advisable to wait until your fingers have healed before undergoing scanning if you have temporary injuries.
  • Make sure your fingertips are free of any temporary body decorations, such as mehndi, as they can interfere with the scanner’s operation.
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In order for a Kuwait family visa to be granted, there are specific requirements to be met, which are crucial for a smooth and efficient application process. Below are the indispensable prerequisites.

  • Article 17 Visa “Public Sector”: Eligibility requires 450KD ($1496) per month.
  • Article 18 Visa “Private Sector”: You need to earn 650KD ($2160) per month to qualify.
  • Parental Sponsorship: Both parents must be employed in Kuwait, with a combined salary exceeding 350KD ($1163).
  • Entry Procedures: Dependents undergo mandatory medical tests and fingerprinting.
  • Documentation: Submission of documents similar to the sponsor’s is required, excluding a salary certificate.
  • Sponsor’s Declaration: Sponsors are obligated to support the dependents in Kuwait.
  • Spousal Sponsorship: Wives cannot sponsor their husbands.
  • Age Restrictions: Parents cannot sponsor sons over 21.
  • Work Restrictions: Dependents are prohibited from working until they obtain a Kuwaiti work visa.

Family residence visas will once again be issued by the government of Kuwait beginning January 28, 2024. A minimum salary of KD 800 (up from KD 550 before these visas were suspended in 2022) is also required for dependent spouses and children of foreign national residents.

Dependents can stay in Kuwait for up to three years with the Family Residence Visa, a renewable multiple-entry permit. An applicant for a family residence visa must first enter Kuwait with an entry visa, and then complete the formalities within two months.

An application for a passport must be made within six months after the passport is issued. A passport-size photo with a white background. An application for a visa and a security form completed by the sponsor are required. Applicants must provide a copy of their original passport.

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Kuwait Interior Ministry announced today that it will resume issuing family visit visas, which have been suspended since August 2022.

In Kuwait, spouses and children of skilled foreign nationals living in Kuwait are eligible for family visas. By allowing immediate family members to obtain residency, the updated regulations aim to attract and retain skilled foreign workers.

You usually need a family member, such as a spouse/partner, parent, sibling, or child, who lives in a foreign country and you wish to join them.

Kuwait family visa news today highlights significant updates and advancements to visa regulations for those seeking to reunite with their families there.

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