Kuwait Residency Renewal Online Process In Kuwait

Kuwait Residency Renewal Online Process In Kuwait

Kuwait Residency Renewal Online. The residence permit proves that the expatriate is legally settled in the country. The visa allows foreigners to stay in the country indefinitely or for a fixed period of time.

The expatriate population in Kuwait amounts to approximately 64% of the total population. Kuwait has one of the highest numbers of expats in the world.

The residence has an expiry date, so it must be renewed after a specified period of time. Residency validity depends on the type of visa. In order to simplify the process, Ministry of Interior provided a straightforward way to renew residence online. Here are the steps and essential information for renewing your Kuwaiti residence online.

Kuwait residency renewal is only possible if,

  • There are no pending judicial judgments against you.
  • There are no violations of your residency.
  • There are no pending traffic violations against you.
  • There must be a Kuwaiti inside you.
  • If you are renewing your health insurance, it is equivalent to how many years you have been insured.
  • A medical test was passed by you.
  • The validity of your passport should be at least one year.
  • Documents contain your fingerprint

  • Click on the General Department of Residency and select individuals. Click here to visit the renewal page directly
  • Please enter your username and password. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so first. Logging in provides all the information you need about your residence. The renewal option will appear if the validity is less than two months.
  • If you qualify for renewal, you must make payments.
  • Please enter your mobile number and click continue. (Please read the terms and conditions)
  • They will ask you to preview all the details of yours on the next page. Proceed if everything is okay.

You can renew your residency in this way

To follow these steps, follow these steps:

  • The Ministry of Health has a page about insurance
  • Choose “Electronic services” box
  • The “Health Insurance Registration” option will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Your username and password are required to access your account.
  • Decide what type of insurance you need.
  • The system requires personal data and contact information from you.
  • Please accept the terms and conditions of the Ministry.
  • Select “Pay” from the menu.
  • The payment process must be completed.

The Kuwait residency visa can be renewed after the health insurance has been renewed. Here are the steps:

  • You can visit the government’s official website by clicking here
  • Select ‘Renew Residency’ from the menu
  • Log in with your User ID and password. Register if you do not have an account
  • Click ‘Continue’ if there are no violations on your record. Then you can proceed if there are no violations.
  • Please enter the duration of your residency (1 year) as well as your mobile phone number
  • Check the box confirming the information and click ‘Submit’
  • Make a payment for the service
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The validity of your residence visa must be less than two months to renew.

No, Kuwait follows Islamic Shariah law, so you can’t.

The fines you will have to pay if you overstay in Kuwait are steep.

The residence permit is crucial for expatriates in Kuwait, representing legal settlement. With approximately 64% expat population, renewing residency is vital. The process is simplified online, subject to eligibility criteria. Ensure no pending legal or traffic issues, Kuwaiti presence, health insurance renewal, and a valid passport.

The residency number, a 9-digit identifier, is essential for renewal. Follow the straightforward steps on the MOI website, including payment, to renew your residency. Be aware of the validity period and potential fines for overstaying.

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