Lost Your Civil ID How to Get Replace Easily

Lost Your Civil ID How to Get Replace Easily

Recently, I lost my civil ID, so I had to get a new one. Police reports are no longer required for replacement IDs, according to the Public Authority for Civil Information. The original passport and a copy of the lost civil ID are sufficient.

The first step was to make an appointment through the PACI website, www.paci.gov.kw. After that, I was redirected to the Meta platform, where all services can be found. For the first time, users must register on the Meta platform.

We will ask for your civil ID number, mobile number, serial number of your civil ID, and email address. The registration process will not be available to you if you do not register. After registering, click on personal services.

Applicants who are unable to access the Meta platform may visit the PACI headquarters in South Surra. Several private companies are stationed outside the building where you can make an appointment.

These companies help people with their paperwork, including securing appointments, typing forms, and photocopying. Booking an appointment costs KD 3.

Please bring your appointment paper, your original passport, and a copy of your lost civil ID to PACI. The receptionist will give you a token number that you will need to take with you to the counter when it is your turn.

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Processing an application takes only a few minutes depending on the number of applicants on that day. Fill out a form with your full name, mobile number, and email address.

The form you receive as proof of your application for a new civil ID will be on this page. The cost of replacing a lost ID is KD 20, which can be paid online through PACI.

PACI office at Surra accepts original passports, copies of Civil IDs, and passport copies. After paying the 20KD fine through K-net (only K-net will be accepted), you can pick up your new civil ID after 2-3 days.

Kuwait Mobile ID acts as your passport at all government offices and border checkpoints, showing your valid civil ID.

Kuwaiti civil ID are usually replaced with KD 20. The PACI website allows you to make this payment online. Follow the instructions for making the payment on PACI’s website, either on a computer or a mobile device.

The original passport, a copy of the civil ID, and copies of the passport should be taken to the PACI office in Surra. The fine of 20KD must be paid through K-net (only K-net will be accepted) the new civil ID will be ready for pick up in 2-3 days.

Lost Your Civil ID How to Get Replace Easily is now a streamlined process, eliminating the need for police reports. The PACI website and Meta platform offer a convenient online appointment system, while alternatives are available for those facing difficulties.

With a nominal fee, a swift in-person visit to the PACI office finalizes the application, and the new Civil ID can be obtained within a few days, ensuring a hassle-free experience for residents.

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